Besieged by troubles both foreign and domestic, the Chief Minister is desperate to uncover the true mastermind behind the conspiracy that threatens his rule. Four Task Forces have been assembled to shed light on the kingmakers and linchpins working within the government to undermine the Chief Minister. Freshmen will run a full gamut of activities in a race against time to prevent the government’s collapse. With games and activities wound tightly with a storyline that promises to thrill and challenge, freshmen will be immersed in an engaging and gripping experience throughout the Freshman Orientation Camp. Beyond the exciting story, the Camp will be a perfect environment for freshmen to bond with each other and get to know their seniors better. There is no better opportunity to gain first-hand accounts of life in the Faculty of Law, as well as to get tips and tricks on how to excel and enjoy the first year in Law school.

This is Resurgence: Welcome to NUS Law Camp 2019.